Royal Victorian 19.92 ft. L x 12.58 ft. H Large Greenhouse

Royal Victorian 19.92 ft. L x 12.58 ft. H Large Greenhouse Price: $13,199.00 (as of 01/02/2022 07:41 PST- Details)


The Royal Victorian VI 46 Greenhouse not only provides a first-class quality greenhouse environment, it also adds significant old fashioned English style and beauty to your backyard. Janssens has not only improved on the overall design of this style of greenhouse, they have improved the internal growing environment, and done all of this at a better price than others. The Royal Victorian VI 46 Greenhouse has thick aluminum profiles with a square tubular design and sliding doors that can be placed on any one of the four sides of the greenhouse. Its 4 mm tempered glass is held in place with thick and heavy duty rubber cover seals that cover 100 percent of the long edges. And also comes with an extra support cross bar in the middle (at 15 ft.) to give extra roof support against strong winds and heavy snow loads. Consider tinting the glass on your greenhouse. Many customers in hot climates enjoy the benefits of cooler greenhouse temperatures. Tinted windows gives a unique look to your greenhouse. Window tinting can be done locally. Features: Size: 12 ft. 7 in. W x 19 ft. 11 in. L x 9 ft. 2 in. H Side walls: 6 ft. 7 in. 250 sq. ft. Color: Dark green (RAL 6009m) with electrostatic application 4 mm tempered glass 6 roof windows, 4 with auto openers and 2 with spindle cranks 1 louver window with auto opener Decorative roof ridge 2 down spouts Double sliding doors – approximately 56″ opening Large bottom frame/base Misting system Shoulder beams have build-in gutters