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  • GOWE 1000watt grid tie power wind /solar inverter DC 10.8V-28V change toAC110v/220v for home 4pcs /lot

    4 pieces / lot; 1. Generates pure Sine Wave; 2. Automatic power adjustment; 3. Constant Power Output; 4. Low distortion output on all ranges; 5. Allow different Power factor from loads; 6. Compact and light weight design; 7. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – optimize power output;
    8. Plug and Play Design, simply plug into an outlet (GFI), no hard-wiring; 9. Stackable (connect in parallel for higher output); 10. Aluminum enclosure will act as heat sink to help dissipate heat; 11. Simple and safe installation; 12. Island protection: Inverter will shut down during black outs. 13. Grid-Tied – sell green power directly back to the grid at a premium rate;
    Notice: When you order, please inform me the output voltage of inverter is 90V-140V or 180v-260v . If not specify, we will send you normal voltage the same to your country. Package: 4 pieces 1000w solar grid tie inverter.

  • Giosolar 300W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit with MPPT 40A Charge Controller for RV Boat Off-Grid System

    The solar modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures.
    Powerful solar charging kits for vehicles, boats or off-grid power systems
    High efficiency 40A MPPT solar charge controller with automatic 12V / 24V selection to extract the maximum power from the solar panel

  • RV Trailer Camper Electrical Weekender Solar System WEEKENDER SW

    Solar Kit; Expansion Solar Kit; Accepts 2 Solar Expansion Kits; 160 Watts / 8.6 Amps Solar Charging Current; Flexible Solar Panel; With 30 Amp Digital Solar Controller/ Mounting Hardware
    Powerful Way To Have Most Of The Comforts You Need Wherever You Dry Camp
    Features All Of The Components That Will Allow Convenient Access To AC Or Solar Power Through Your Breaker Panel

  • Dorosin Ultrasonic Humidifier DRS-24A 6.3gallon/Hour Mist Output

    It can be used in textile factory, greenhouse,supermarkets,cold storage rooms and agriculture planting.
    Using the integrated ultrasonic core, the atomized particles are only 1-5 microns.❀Embedded portable cover plate, easy to repair and clean, can be artificially added water.
    Humidity control, timing control, switch control can be chosen in a variety of ways.❀ The machine adopts the anti-burn and anti-corrosion design, which is very safe and durable.


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