Pastora Herbicide – 5 oz

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Pastora Herbicide is registered to use on hay meadows and bermudagrass pastures, and in non-crop areas. Check with your state extension or Department of Agriculture before use, to be certain Pastora is registered in your state. Do not use Pastora in the following counties of Colorado: Alamosa, Costilla, Conejos, Rio Grande, and Saquache. Pastora Herbicide is a granule that is dry-flowable that suppresses or controls grass and broad-leaf weeds. Pastora is mixed in water and applied as a uniform broadcast spray. A spray adjuvant must be used in the spray mix unless otherwise specified on the label. Pastora is noncorrosive, nonflammable, nonvolatile, and no freezing restrictions. Pastora controls broad-leaf weeds by pre-emergence and post-emergence activity and grass weeds by post-emergence activity. To get the best results from Pastora, apply it to young, active growing weeds. Weeds that are hardened off by the cold weather or by drought stress may be difficult to control. The use rate depends upon the weed spectrum and size of weeds at application.
Active Ingredient: Nicosulfuron – 56.2% Metsulfuron Methyl – 15%
Coverage Area: 217,800 sq. ft.
5 oz