ClubHouse 8 x 16 by Cedarshed

ClubHouse 8 x 16 by Cedarshed Price:  (as of 01/02/2022 08:41 PST- Details)


The ClubHouse 8 x 16 Cedarshed is the ideal way to give yourself a home-away-from-home special retreat. These cedar sheds are great for a child’s playhouse, a party room, a work-out room, a pool house and any special place you need apart from your house.  The ClubHouse 8 x 16 Cedarshed will provide you with a gorgeous place to work or play while enhancing the look of your yard and garden with the natural beauty of Western red cedar. More than a shed, the Clubhouse 8 x 16 Cedarshed is like small homes themselves, complete with a 4′ deck and porch, and two pop out windows you can position anywhere giving you ventilation and natural light. Grab a book and relax on the porch on a sunny afternoon for peace and quiet. The ClubHouse 8 x 16 Cedarshed is sturdy and built to last, this Western red cedar shed comes ready to assemble, with pre-cut wall panels and a roof already finished with cedar shingles. The ClubHouse Cedarshed’s visual appeal is accentuated by a 4′ deck and porch, open the windows and let the breeze in.  The ClubHouse Cedarshed comes with a large dutch door which can be padlocked for added security. As with all cedar shed kits, every panel is pre-cut and all necessary hardware is included. Window panels can be positioned on any wall of your choice allowing you to customize your ClubHouse 8 x 16 Cedarshed to suit your needs.Size: 8′ W x 16′ L x 8.75′ H Exterior dimensions: 105″ x 202.5″ x 105″ Interior dimensions: 93″ x 191″ x 94″ Sidewall height: 75 1/4″ Covered porch is 4′ deep Framing: 2″ x 3″ Roof overhang of 5.75″ on gable ends and 6″ on sides Roof has 1/2″ tapersawn shakes, 3/4″ thick cedar roof batten, and 15 lb. roofing felt Trim pieces made of 3/4″ thick cedar 5/8″ plywood floor with 2″ x 4″ floor joists 16″ on center Door dimensions: 36″ x 72″ Slider window dimensions: 41″ x 34″ Awning window dimensions: 31 5/16″ x 27″ Windows made of safe and durable 1/8″ plexiglass