Cleaning Tools & Chemicals

  • Zodiac CLC500 Cyclonic Automatic Pool Cleaner Leaf Catcher Canister

    Works with your automatic vacuum to clean your pool faster
    Plumb the canister between 2 hose sections of your suction-side automatic vacuum hose…
    …and the large-capacity cyclonic canister goes to work trapping leaves and debris

  • Zodiac MX6 Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner

    Innovative low-flow design makes it ideal for pools with 2-speed or variable speed pumps
    Cyclonic suction for powerful vacuuming and articulating turbine blade for aggressive wall-climbing
    Swiveling hoses are quick-connect style for easy assembly

  • Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

    Cyclonic Vacuum technology ensures the MX8 captures maximum debris whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power – connects directly to skimmer or dedicated 1.5″ vacuum line
    X-Drive technology provides advanced dual navigation for best pool coverage with no hang ups. Thoroughly cleans floor, walls, and waterline of any size or shape pool.
    X-Trax tires provide extreme maneuverability and climbing performance, even in tight corners and on vertical walls

    $402.74 $392.67
  • Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

    Effectively cleans above-ground swimming pools (not recommended for Intex/soft-sided pools), including dished-out bottoms up to 72 inches.
    One moving part technology, eliminates annoying hammer or flapper noise; works quickly, effectively, and quietly.
    Unique Deflector Wheel helps prevent it from getting caught on steps, ladders and corners!

    $158.42 $157.84
  • Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Baracuda wahoo automatic pool cleaner
    It is a suction cleaner and it works in all above ground pools
    It connects directly to skimmers