Wondercide Non Thermal ULV Fogger for Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control

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Ulv Fogger This Light Weight Twelve Pound Hand Non Thermal Ulv Fogger Emits A “Chemical Free” Cold Fog That Will Penetrate The Hardest To Reach Points In Your Home, Barn, Yard, Vegetable Garden Or Poultry House. Features Lightweight Aluminum Construction – Only 10 Lbs Wet Or Dry Application 1 Gallon Fluid Tank This Ulv Fogger Kills Mites, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Lice & Other Parasites Within Seconds Excellent For Fumigation Of Air Ducts, Homes, Basements, Attics & Warehouses 1 Gallon Of Biodefense Ulv Fogger Treats 1,500 Square Foot Surface Area Made In The Usa Designed For Control Of Flying,Biting Or Crawling Insects That Inhabit Your Indoor Or Outdoor Environments. Easy To Carry About Or Just Set It Up As A Stationery Unit On Your Back Porch To Rid Your Space From Mosquito, No-See-Um, Flea And Other Pests. Use It To Rid Your Central Heat And Air Conditioning Duct Work Of Dust Or Other Type Mites And Odor Causing Bacteria. The Adjustable Vmd (Droplet Size) Allows For Wet Or Dry Fog Applications That Can Be Used Safely Inside On Furniture, Clothing, Bedding Or In The Cupboards. Ulv Fogger Is A Must Have For Any Property That Is Subject To Biting Or Crawling Insects Such As Mites, Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Carpet Beetles, Silverfish, Roaches Or Other Type Arthropod. All About Ulv Fogger The Tri-Jet Ulv Fogger Provided By Wondercide Is A Unique, High Quality Fogger That Delivers An Adjustable Range Of Vmd (Volumetric Mean Diameter) Solution In The Form Of A Dry Or Wet Fog. This Is Referred To As “Ultra Low Volume”. The Tri-Jet Is A Non-Thermal Ulv Fogger Suggesting That No Heat Is Required To Create The High Pressure Discharge Fog. In Essence, It Is A Sophisticated Hand Held And Portable Atomizer Machine That Will Not Flame Up And Expose Its User To Burn Issues. The Tri-Jet Ulv Fogger Will Discharge A Fog Of Up To 20 Feet And Will Easily Deliver The Forced Fog Into Difficult To Treat Areas. A Continued Stationery Location Of The Fogger Will