WFCO 8955 55 amp Power Center

WFCO 8955 55 amp Power Center Price: $160.85 (as of 10/07/2018 08:41 PST- Details)


A complete line of 12 Vdc products, including: 1. Three-stage solid-state switch-mode “deck mount” converter/chargers 2. Lightweight 30-amp AC/DC “power centers” with integrated distribution systems, including 12 Vdc converter sections 3. 30 and 50-amp AC/DC distribution panels Our engineers always design products with RV industry applications in mind. We consult with our customer base when developing new products to be sure we are giving them the product features they need. As appliances and their circuits boards continue to evolve and become more sophisticated in their design and power requirements, WFCO engineers provide quality application solutions. Our FCC-compliant switch-mode converters provide full DC output charging capabilities with clean DC output power, free from nuisance DC “spikes and surges.”