Vent Hood 60″ Duct Cover (To be used with Spacer)

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This stainless steel cover hides the ducting and electric work above your vent hood. Note: Can only be used when wall spacer is used. Features: Type: Duct Cover. Finish: Stainless Steel. Hides the Ducting and Electric Work. Specifications: Length: 60″. Powerful dual blowers (1200 CFM total) specifically designed and engineered to quickly extract smoke, grease, and odors from the front and rear of the hood. High quality brushed 304 stainless steel construction with seamless polished edges. Dual halogen under-mount lamps provide generous light for evening grilling. Thermal safety sensor automatically activates fans when temperature reaches 140 degrees. On demand control knobs offer a high and low settings for lights and fan. Anondized aluminum filters remove easily and are dishwasher safe. Vent piping not included.