SteakChamp Thermometer – Set of 2

SteakChamp Thermometer – Set of 2 Price: $83.86 (as of 10/07/2018 06:11 PST- Details)


It is not easy to cook a perfect steak, even if you are a pro. With SteakChamp, now anyone can cook a perfect steak. Every time. SteakChamp is a very precise electronic thermometer that will tell you when to remove your steak from the grill to allow it to enter a resting phase, where the steak continues cooking off the heat. It is the resting phase that even the most seasoned grill-master often misjudges and that causes the steak to overshoot the desired level of doneness. SteakChamp calculates all of this for you, and lets you know when to remove the steak from the grill to emerge from the resting phase at the exact level of doneness you have selected.

SteakChamp makes a great gift!

Available in 5 levels of doneness, from rare to well done, there is a SteakChamp for every taste.

•Calibrated for steak, but usable in other proteins as well. Select Medium or Medium Well for poultry and fish.
•SteakChamp signals you with a blinking LED when it is time to remove your steak from the grill and also when the steak has completed the resting phase and is ready to consume.
•SteakChamp measures temperature along the entire surface of the device to insure maximum accuracy.
•SteakChamp works with any starting condition whether it is a cold steak just out of the refrigerator or one that is at room temperature. SteakChamp also takes into account the fat content of the meat.
•SteakChamp is battery powered and is good for at least 1,000 uses. If used every day that is over three years of cooking with SteakChamp.
•SteakChamp is placed in the steak before the steak is put on the grill, and is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 600 degree Fahrenheit. It is not recommended for use when cooking on infrared grills due to the extremely high temperature attained on those grills.
•SteakChamp is constructed out of high grade stainless steel.