Schneider Electric C60 Charge Controller 60A 12/24/48VDC

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The C60 is a rugged 60 Amp controller that is the perfect controller for handling any DC charging source. Xantrex charge controllers are versatile and reliable. The C60 is a 100% solid state, microprocessor-driven controller which is UL and cUL listed. Like all Xantrex charge controllers, the C60 controller is flexible and can be configured for a variety of applications. The C60 is excellent for solar panel battery charging, DC load control (such as a low voltage disconnect switch) or for DC diversion operation which is vital for most wind turbines and hydroelectric generators. To manage larger flows of power, the C60 is the ultimate charge controller for most DIY wind and solar systems.
ensures maximum battery life
high efficiency
Output Voltage: 12, 24 V
Specifications:Voltage configurations: 12 and 24 Vdc Max. PV open circuit array voltage: 55 Vdc Charging / load current (@ 25 ?C): 60 Adc Max. peak current: 85 A