Palram Nature Greenhouse, 6 x 4

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Perfectly sized for the beginner gardener or someone who needs a small growing space, this compact greenhouse is attractive, functional and sturdy. Crystal-clear panels let in 90% of sunlight and are 100% UV-protected so they won’t yellow. Start your own vegetables and annual flowers from seed, harden off indoor-grown plants, propagate perennial cuttings and nurture tropical plants even as the weather chills. Long-lasting galvanized steel base and aluminum frame, with a magnetic swinging door that locks. A vent on top allows you to increase air circulation and let excess heat out. Gutters channel water where you want it and make it easy to collect rainwater, too.
24 square feet of growing space
Durable steel, aluminum and polycarbonate
Assembly required
72-3/4″ L x ?48″ W x 82-1/4″ H
Shelves and plant hangers are not included