Orbit Pre-Assembled 2 Valve Irrigation Manifold System – Sprinkler Valves, 91206

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The Orbit two valve manifold easily connects to an automatic lawn sprinkler system with a sprinkler valve solenoid. With 2 valves, this preassembled valve manifold is ideal for connection to a 3-valve manifold to make a 5-valve manifold that is reliable and heavy-duty. This sprinkler manifold system works with 3/4-inch and 1-inch PVC pipe and 3/4-inch poly pipe for versatility and ease of use. The wiring connection with the solenoid valve manifold is easy to attach the valve to the watering timer. This Orbit sprinkler manifold is built of high-impact, UV-resistant plastic for many years of durable lawn irrigation use. With multilingual packaging and instructions, this Orbit two valve manifold is even more versatile than other multi-valve manifolds. Features and Benefits: Comes with multilingual instructions, Has 2 valves for multiple garden watering uses, Easily installs in just minutes to an automatic yard sprinkling system, Tightens easily by hand so no tools are required, Works with PVC �- and 1-inch sizes and poly pipe of 3/4 inches, Has simple solenoid wiring.