Mantis CT02001 Compact ComposTumbler Compost Bins

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The Compact ComposTumbler takes your kitchen and yard waste and turns it into rich compost in weeks, instead of months (or even years). Designed for suburban gardeners and homeowners with smaller properties. The drum holds 22 cubic feet (9.5 bushels, 88 gallons), leaving plenty of room for fruits, vegetable, grass, leaves and any other organic matter you may have. A large door opening and gear driven handle made it easy to use. It has interior fins to help mix the material as it turns. Assembled dimensions are 43″ H x 42″ W x 33″ D and it weighs 60 lbs empty. Made of rust-resistant galvanized steel for long life. Its sage green color allows it to blend into your property. Comes with a 2 year warranty on all parts.
Enclosed drum eliminates odors and prevent access to pets and pests
Air vent at top of unit always allow oxygen into drum
Drainage vents so excess moisture can escape
Removable door for easy loading and unloading
Made in USA