Guide Gear 3,000W Power Inverter

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Power it up with Guide Gear! For power when there is none. Run power tools and recharge small devices while on a camping trip, or use it as a backup plan at home in case of a power outage. This powerful Inverter converts 12V DC to 115V AC-and contains enough power to supply small home appliances and recharge handheld digital devices. A built-in ground-fault circuit interrupter protects from electrical shock. Includes 2 sets of battery connection cables for direct connection to your vehicle’s battery. Quick and easy comfort and convenience. Keep your camp or any other fun you have planned running full tilt. With this Inverter, you can run several devices at once thanks to the 3 AC receptacles. Of course, you can charge your phone or other gadgets with the handy USB port. A Digital Display keeps you up to date. It’s no fun to be without the comforts or convenience of power, and with this Inverter, you won’t have to be. 3,000W continuous Power Inverter converts DC to AC; 3 AC receptacles for connecting multiple devices; 1 USB port recharges smartphones and other devices; Digital display shows output power, input voltage and error indication; Has built-in GFCI circuit protector; Includes 2 sets of #4 AWG cables with 3-ft. cord and CCA ring terminal; Plugs/Ports: 3 AC/1 USB; Continuous AC output power: 3,000W; Peak output power: 8,000W; Amperage: 300; Voltage: 12.8; Low Battery Shutdown: Yes; Thermal Overload Protection: Yes; Dimensions: 14.3″ x 10″ x 6.9″; Weight: 17.6 lbs.; Materials: ABS/Metal Plate; Note: Clean the exterior surface of the inverter with a damp cloth to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. Tighten the screws on the DC input terminals. Recharge the battery before it is discharged to 50%. This will extend the durability and efficiency of the battery.