Foundation machine mill finish, Beeswax rollers for the production of honeycombs

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Delivery from Russian Federation. Delivery time 2-4 weeks. Rollers for honeycombs with a maximum angle of 120 degrees cell hand-engraved for worker bees.
Dimensions (mm): 380 × 150 × 95
Engraving width (mm): 300
Mesh size (mm): 5,4 ± 0,05
Diameter of the rollers (mm): 59
Angle cell: 120 degrees
Materials and components used in the manufacture of this product, kit includes:
1. Engraved roller made of high strength tempered steel with non-sticky polymeric coating, 2. Base assembly, 3. Bearing 4, Spacer ring, 5. Pinion, 6. Pinion spacer, 7. Lock screw М6, 8. Stopper bolt, 9. Shock absorber, 10. Set bolt М8, 11. Fixing bolts М8, 12. Frame spacer, 13. Handle, 14. Manual (Russian / English-as in the description here)
The rollers are designed for smooth rolling tape or wax sheets and manually producing honeycombs. Angle rolls cell is 120 degrees, which corresponds to the marking “Max” (as close as possible to the natural angle for bees)
Production smooth plates: Combs made of thin plates of wax which is most simply obtained by immersing or thin glass plates (or,for example,plywood) with a size of 400 × 265 × 3 mm in the molten wax (template edges are not to be beveled.) Good practice is to have a wooden board dipped into oversaturated salt solution beforehand (concentration is reached when salt stops dissolving). Then a template should be put into cold water (6-12°C) for 6-8 seconds. If you are using glass template, add some wash up liquid into the water: that will prevent wax sticking to template. After that shake the template or wipe remaining water with a sponge and put it into liquid wax. Use a container of appropriate size for this purpose; the most common size of wax container is: length 280-300mm; width 40-50mm; height 410-450mm. Material of wax container should be inert to wax: stainless steel, aluminum, white iron or galvanized white steel (worse).