Confetti Garden Wind Spinner

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Truly a symphony of color, Wind & Weather Confetti Garden Wind Spinner will take your breath away. Sweeping metal arcs emanate from the center point and are adorned with colorful discs and hand-cut glass “jewels.” The dual rotors spin independently so they will sometimes turn in opposite directions. In addition, the Confetti Garden Wind Spinner’s rotors turn on the central vertical axis, creating even more movement. Each colored metal disc has a complementary-colored, hand-cut glass faux “jewel” at its center while additional small red discs are scattered throughout. At more than six feet tall, even when it’s not in motion, this wind spinner is a sight to behold. And when the wind kicks up? Well, you’re really in for a treat. Overall 75” H x 24” W x 10” D Overall Product Weight 12.8 lb.