CASTLECREEK Beekeeping Accessory Set


CASTLECREEK Beekeeping Accessory Set

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Essential tools for the efficient Beekeeper. Safely and successfully harvest honey with the CASTLECREEK Beekeeping Accessory Set. Use the Bee Smoker to calm swarming bees and keep them docile while you remove the frames and check on your colony. The Hive Tool will be your go-to for opening the hive and prying apart the frames. And the brush has soft bristles that won’t injure the bees while you gently sweep them off of the frames. Metal Bee Smoker with bellows attachment; Bee Smoker generates smoke to subdue the bees and minimize aggression when inspecting the colony; Hive Tool for opening the hive, prying frames apart, and scraping honey from tops of frames; Brush with soft bristles is used to remove bees from combs; Hive Tool: 9.5″l. x 1.75″w. x 1.37″h.; Bee Brush: 14″l. x 3.5″w. x 0.5″h.; Bee Smoker: 8.5″l. x 5.5″w. x 11″h.