Bundle-82 Harvester 24 Foot Greenhouse Kit

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[***INCLUDED IN THIS SET: (1)Harvester 24′ Greenhouse, (1)Easy-Flow Louver Solar Opener, (1)Tie Down Kit, (2)Closeable Base Vents] Panel Thickness: 3.5 mm Harvester 24′ Greenhouse The Harvester Greenhouse is a convenient space saver and operates best when placed against the wall of your home, a fence, or a deck. It offers a tall growing area for high reaching plants with a single bench on one side. On the other side, a double tiered bench frame is secured for a large growing area. A large 12” H x 24” W Easy-Flow louvered air vent is included with all parts for assembly to get you started with proper ventilation. This greenhouse is lightweight which allows you to place it right over a pre-existing garden. The unit is free standing. You will need no site preparation or special foundation. We do recommend a level ground beneath it. The overall greenhouse dimensions are 96” H x 96” W x 288” L. Tie Down Kit The tie down kit is strongly recommended to secure your greenhouse, as the Harvester Greenhouse does not require a base or foundation. The following items are also recommended to ensure proper ventilation and can be found in the related items box in the top left column of the website. Place the louvered window that is included with your greenhouse high on the back wall. To circulate the air place a 16” fan at the front of your greenhouse. Lastly, install eight base vents, one in each corner and two on each side wall Side Shelf Unit Shelving is valuable for saving space, draining water allowing air to circulate. They are also powder-coated to prevent rust. Attach these shelves to the pre-existing frames in the greenhouse. Choose one or two units to fit the built in frame. Easy-Flow Louver Solar Opener Solar powered openers close and open your greenhouse vents automatically in response to temperature changes. The piston is coated with a mineral wax that expands with a temperature increase. As the wax cools the piston lowers and gradually closes your vent. Install