Blythewood Bee Company Veto-Pharma Varroa EasyCheck

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Accurately Check The Number Of Varroa In Your Hive With This Veto-Pharma Varroa EasyCheckFeatures: Waterproof lid Holes on base and side Rugged, high-quality materialUse:This Veto-Pharma Varroa EasyCheck is a new, practical, and soon to be indispensable, tool to measure the varroa infestation of your colonies. This tool was designed to make Varroa counting easier and accessible to all beekeepers. The biggest difference with this product is its design, which is optimized for efficiency and reliability. This tool has a reduced handling time; just 60 seconds of shaking. There are holes on both the sides and the base, to optimize the fall of Varroa. It has two markings, for a follow-up on 200 or 300 bees, and its transparent bowl allows you to quickly read the number of Varroa.This tool works great with any of our integrated Varroa control products, including these mite away quick strips, or any of our oxalic acid vaporizers.