Blythewood Bee Company 10-Frame Garden Beehive Cover

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Give Your Hive A Makeover With Our Stylish 10-frame Garden Beehive CoverFeatures: Made of durable yellow pine and faux copper Built-inventilation ports Comes fully assembledUse:Spruce up your hive right now with this elegant 10-frame garden beehive cover. Constructed with yellow pine and faux copper, this cover is lightweight and built to last. Its clever design includes meshed ventilation portholes, meaning your brood can breathe without any unwanted intruders. This stylish beehive cover will give yourwhole garden a natural, rustic feel.This 10-frame garden beehive cover is the perfect addition to our 10-frame Brood Chamber. If this cover isn’t what you’re looking for right now, we also carryMigratory Lidsand Telescoping Lids.