B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger (15015000)

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B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger (15015000) controls any area using fogging concentrate. Having an output of 9 oz of insecticide every minute and a gallon capacity tank, this product will easily treat a larger area than its competitors. Made of a seamless design and materials resistant to corrosion, you can use many different types of fogging concentrates. B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger (15015000) is non-adjustable and can be used with ULV chemicals but would not be able to disperse smaller particles for ULV applications.   For ULV fogging please see the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400 or B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger.

For use in:
Indoor and outdoor residential areas.

Place fogging concentrates in tank, plug in and just wait as it applies the insecticide for you.

Pet safe:
Yes, if used as directed.

Shipping Weight:
10.00 lbs

Manufactured By:
B&G (Mfg. Number: 15015000)

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 B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger (15015000) Label