Agri Laboratories Ltd Hydra-Lyte, 50 dose

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Hydra-Lyte, 50 dose Electrolyte and nutritional energy supplement for young calves, lambs and foals. Restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance to help reverse loss of body weight. Hydra-Lyte Key Benefits: energy –┬ácontains glucose to correct hypoglycemia no added bicarbonate so it can be used with milk or milk replacer restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance designed to keep abomasal pH low to help prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria supplies sodium acetate to correct acidosis provides optimum electrolyte and water absorption Hydra-Lyte contains: potassium sodium acetate sodium chloride sodium citrate dextrose glycine glucose Dosage: give 2 quarts solution to calves and foals twice daily for the first 2 days then on days 3 and 4 mix 1 qt. solution with 1 qt. milk or milk replacer lambs require 1/4 of the above dosage