8000 Watt PO8003 Portable Gas Generator

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Some people say that information is power, and others say that money is power, but we tend to believe that power is power and the 8000 Watt PO8003 Portable Gas Generator has all the power that you could need. This portable generator gives you 8000 watts at the push of a button with a range of outlets to service anything from an iPhone charger to an entire RV.The high-efficiency engine features a rugged, cast-iron sleeve and super-quiet muffler that only produces 78 decibels at 23 feet. The steel roll-cage with folding handle makes it easy to transport, and a pushbutton starting system with remote key fob means that you don’t even need to touch the generator to get the power started. Additional Features Volt-lock automatic voltage regulator Steel-tube roll-cage Key fob has a range of 168 feet Cast-iron sleeve engine with super-quiet muffler Outlet Specifications: 1 x 14-50R 1 x L14-30R 1 x TT30-R 1 x L5-30R 1 x 120V Standard 5-20R Duplex GFCI 8000 watts. 8-gallon fuel tank. 12.5-hour run time at 50% load. Pushbutton-start with remote key fob. USDA Forest Service Certified Spark Arrester. Manufacturer’s warranty included. Dimensions: 31.9W x 22.1D x 24.4H in..
8000 watts
8-gallon fuel tank
12.5-hour run time at 50% load
Pushbutton-start with remote key fob
USDA Forest Service Certified Spark Arrester