4 1/2 digital signal current meter nA uA tester Naan microammeter Desktop

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Introduction to the instrument
● Basic table using the United States imported high-precision CMOS A / D converter, six 0.5-inch red LED digital tube display (four and a half 19999 plus polarity), the measurement rate of 2.5 times / sec, temperature automatic compensation, input polarity automatic identification , Over-range flashing alarm.
● In the basic table, through the increase of control conversion, input protection, high precision micro current, voltage converter and other circuits, to achieve a small multi-precision measurement of small current, such as: photodiode detection, biological current detection, leakage current measurement Wait.
● Basic range of four files, DC, range control by the gain and has a static zero function. Respectively: 200nA 2μA 20μA 200μA, touch the button to switch, the decimal point by range automatically shift, the corresponding invalid zero automatically eliminated, of which:
(1) range 200nA two decimal points, resolution 10pA full scale 199.99nA
(2) Range 2μA four decimal points, resolution 0.1nA full scale 1.9999μA
(3) Range 20μA three decimal points, resolution 1nA full scale 19.999μA
(4) Range 200μA two decimal points, resolution 10nA full scale 199.99μA
* Note: The basic type, instrument access circuit voltage drop (or equivalent resistance) is very small, the protection circuit function is limited, the input can not enter the high voltage, relative to the local (Lo) voltage should not exceed 30V.
* Note 2: For measuring the high-voltage leakage current, due to the instrument access circuit voltage drop (or equivalent resistance) is not high, can be added over-voltage input, over-current input protection circuit, can do 500V, 10mA or more.
● Due to the use of high-precision micro-current, voltage converter, instrument access circuit voltage drop is almost zero.
● Accuracy: more than 0.1%, the range of independent calibration methods, do not affect each other.