2.5 Ton 14 Seer Goodman Package Heat Pump – GPH1430M41

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Goodman’s packaged units are the perfect all-in-one comfort solution for nearly any residential application. The GPH14M combines a Goodman heat pump, evaporator coil, and ECM blower to provide efficient heating and cooling from a single unit. A scroll compressor provides consistent refrigerant flow, and Goodman’s superior coil design is featured to ensure high efficiency regardless of whether you’re heating or cooling your home. The GPH1430M41 can be used in either downflow or horizontal airflow applications. It even features convenient access panels that make installation and maintenance a breeze. Streamline your comfort today with this Goodman packaged unit. Product Features High-Efficiency Coils The condenser coil of this packaged unit is designed with aluminum fins and rifled copper tubing to maximize surface area and efficiency. It also features a durable all-aluminum evaporator coil that optimizes heat transfer Secure Design The cabinet of the GPH1430M41 is built to last.