14pcs Bonsai Tool Set Kit Scissors Cutter Carbon Steel Shears Tree Branch Case

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*Made of carbon steel can be applied in the whole process of nurturing your favorite bonsais.
*Set of 14pcs and Free Bonsai Training Wire
*Bonsai Tools Kit Set including Leaf Trimmer, Bud Shear, Jin pliers, Root Hook, Knob Cutter and All-In-One Nylon Tool Case.
*By using this kit, you will be able to loose the bonsai soil,pruning, cut the root, branches, leaves trimming.
*Popular selection of tools, suitable for a beginner or a professional
*All tools in a durable Nylon case, not bad as a gift for bonsai lover.
Material: 1045 steel
1. 19.5cm Large Cutting Scissors
2. 18cm Medium Cutting Scissors
3. 20cm Bud Shear(Long handle shear)
4. 11cm Leaf Trimmer
5. 20cm Concave Cutter
6. 21cm Knob Cutter
7. 20cm Wire Cutter
8. 27cm Trunk Splitter
9. 23cm Pliers
10. 18cm Root Cutter
11. Branch Bender(8cm Between Side Bars When Furthest Apart)
12. 22cm Rake With Spatula
13. 23cm Root Hook
14. 16cm Broom

Package includes:
1 x 14 Piece Bonsai Tools
1 x Storage Case
Made of 1045 steel fully inspected
Excellent durability
Portable and easy to store