Rain Gauges

  • ULTIMETER TB Rain Gauge (with 40-ft. sensor cable)

    The ULTIMETER TB Rain Gauge features a proven tipping bucket design. Inside each rain gauge is a balanced “see-saw” bucket mechanism. Each time the bucket tips, .01″ of rainfall is added to the accumulated total on the ULTIMETER weather station. Each gauge is individually calibrated for optimum accuracy. 8-inch diameter collector funnel, for superior rainfall sampling. Includes 40-ft cable; longer lengths available. Best tipping bucket rain gauge in its class!
    Stainless steel tipping axle, for freer motion and greater longevity.
    Features larger-volume buckets than other tipping bucket gauges, to resist jamming (common in smaller-bucket designs) caused by dust, pollen, webs, etc. The larger the bucket volume, the more water weight “horsepower” for driving the tipping action.

  • Wireless Rain Gauge with OUTDOOR Therm.

    Wireless Rain Gauge with OUTDOOR Therm.
    Oregon Scientific OR-RGR126N

  • World’s Coolest Rain Gauge

    The Original Floating Rain Gauge!
    Unbreakable Measurement Tube Rises To Show Rainfall
    24″ Tall, Measures 5.5″ of Rain

  • World’s Coolest Tabletop Rain Gauge

    It’s The Original Floating Rain Gauge!
    Unbreakable blue polycarbonate measurement tube rises to show water accumulation
    Solid Copper Collection Flute, Powder Coated Steel Stand